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Karndean Flooring Organic Strategy

Karndean is a luxury flooring company that operates on an international scale, with over five English language territories. 4Ps started working with Karndean in October 2012, and was originally focused on consultancy and management of its site migration and SEO.

Although the products can’t be bought directly on the Karndean website itself, the distributors of its products online are listed, and information surrounding the products is the main focus of the website, so that its affiliate retailers can then convert.

Originally there were five separate websites, all of which were competing with similar content across the individual territories. This meant that in the initial audit process, 4Ps made suggestions on the best way to go forward for site re-launch. By taking into account their available budget and human resource within each target area, 4Ps recommended that the five sites be merged under one .com umbrella, with country specific subfolders. Country specific content would be differentiated between using hreflang sitemaps. Due to the bulk of content being similar this would ensure that we avoid any ranking penalties due to duplicate content.

4Ps now helps Karndean with its ongoing SEO, with the current focus being a complete refresh and update of all onsite meta data across all five sites. In addition to this, 4Ps has also branched out with digital PR activity to help with the ongoing brand awareness for Karndean online. To achieve this, a variety of blogger areas will be targeted. The primary thrust will be to approach interior design bloggers, as well as those blogging about home decorating and home moves. Other relevant blogs will be architectural and design blogs, as well as those discussing business procurement for building projects, along with property management and property maintenance.




The main strategy for Karndean in regards to its SEO was to ensure that the website re-launch followed best practices for both technical and onpage SEO. By making sure the website technical SEO considerations for crawler ‘searchability’ for user experience were adhered to, onpage content considerations can be tailored to the users.

Digital PR

Through the use of blogger outreach and digital PR, 4Ps has been able to raise the profile of the Karndean brand alongside increasing the website’s visibility. Collaborations with bloggers in the interior design industry, as well as those who blog about architecture, property management and those who are involved in the procurement of commercial and public sector flooring.


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