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Lay & Wheeler PPC Account Restructure

Lay & Wheeler, a client on our Food & Drink team at 4Ps, are a 160 year old wine merchant, set up with the aim of supplying the world’s finest wines with a high level of personal service.

The Problem

The Lay & Wheeler AdWords account was bringing irrelevant traffic to the site, which was reflected in high bounce rates and low conversion rates. The account needed urgent help in order to improve the traffic we were driving, reduce CPCs, and increase return on ad spend.

The Solution

We wanted to fully restructure the account, and decided to do so with a strong focus on granularity to give us complete control over the traffic we were driving. The focus on granularity resulted in creating an account that had no more than 1 keyword per ad group, which meant that each keyword would have a tailored ad copy, showing both the user and Google our relevancy to the search query.

From Google this relevancy meant that we would be rewarded with higher quality scores and in turn lower CPCs, and from the user we hoped it would increase the amount of clicks we were getting from interested customers.


We had a lower budget than a lot of the big names competing in the online wine market, so we knew we would find it difficult to compete on the highly generic keywords. Additionally, with a focus on the finest wines, our price point is often higher than the high street sellers, so we had to ensure the users we were driving to the site were aware of this so we didn’t end up with lots of clicks but no conversions.

The Results

We launched the new account on the first of the month, and very quickly knew that we had cut out a large proportion of the irrelevant traffic, as bounce rate fell from over 50% to around 20%. At the same time, CTR rose 64% and conversion rate doubled, helping our monthly revenue total rise 77% from the previous month, and 220% year on year.

A much more profitable and efficient use of Adwords advertising!

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