4Ps Marketing

Lindt eCommerce Marketing



4Ps Marketing used a performance-led approach to increase awareness of the Lindt online store through display advertising, SEO and PPC. The online advertising team used premium networks such as Deliaonline.com and Allrecipies.co.uk to target the more affluent demographics alongside product led display advertising and search networks to drive traffic though search engines and direct clicks. Using remarketing, 4Ps covered all aspects of the buying cycle, targeting users with no awareness of the store, brand aware users and those with purchase intent. Other platforms such as Facebook were utilised to target brand advocates.


With a product focus through Google, Bing, Yahoo and eBay increases in product led search traffic over Easter to the Lindt store to increase 2,700%. This was 4,000% higher than the peak during the Christmas period where there was only offline advertising. Revenue increased in a similar manner with a far more stable stream of income.

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