My thoughts on Facebook and Twitter as ranking factors;

Having read the below article on Seomoz I sent the below internal email to discuss the subject within 4Ps Marketing and one of the guys mentioned I should post it on the blog.

If you do read my email below it is probably also worth reading this if you want to understand the history of Google Page Rank. I love this paper by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page

My email to the agency was this:

“We were are all obsessed with link building because this was traditionally a major part of the original PR Google algorithm written back in 1998.

This evolved substantially as people like myself did our first SEO campaigns in early 2000’s and although Google Page Rank was still extremely important up to circa 2006, by the time we started 4Ps Marketing in 2008 SEO had become more complicated and simply looking at the Google toolbar for a Google Page Rank became a less relevant benchmark.

Links were always used by Google as they were the best way to rank websites by gauging popularity. With the emergence of social media, Google has an extremely powerful way of looking at popularity and ranking websites by other factors.

Essentially we need to look beyond the link and look at factors that show Google what sites are popular. Link building is still important but we all need to look beyond a physical link from site A to site B.


Here is my favourite quote from the Stanford paper; “To engineer a search engine is a challenging task.”


Links have always been a good way of ranking websites and ordering them in terms of popularity. Google now has much more sophisticated ways of ranking websites & we all need to keep up with these factors. We are not talking about placing a link on a Facebook page, modern SEO strategies need to be much more sophisticated than that. See you all at SEO R&D night.”

I wouldn’t normally post a private email but the marketing team havebeen chasing me for a blog post for weeks and on a serious note I think it is important to highlight two key areas.

  • How much link building is changing and how the emphasis is moving away from looking to build physical links from one website to another
  • The increasing importance of social media on search
  • The SEO R&D team have always been ahead of the game and have been working on campaigns that use social media to influence search results for a long time now; we are now looking at how this evolves over the next few months

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