4Ps Marketing

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking

At 4Ps we love tracking the performance of our ad campaigns on different channels. Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Baidu, Weibo – you name it, we want to track it. So we’re glad to see that LinkedIn has finally rolled out a conversion tracking pixel for within the platform itself.

This is a fairly standard JavaScript pixel like Facebook, Twitter or Bing would have you implement and is a great step forward for them as they’ve been lagging in this department for some time now. It’s fairly straight forward to implement. Get it pasted on every page or use Google Tag Manager to deploy it as a custom HTML tag.

Because of the lack of tracking here previously, and also our desire to have conversions all reported by the same technology, we use UTM tracking as standard on these campaigns. We’ve implemented it on our B2B clients running campaigns on LinkedIn but its unlikely going to revolutionise the way we report on these campaigns. There is however potential for something a little extra here.

Once you have a pixel tracking users across your website, it’s not a huge leap to begin tracking those users across both platforms. Guys, I think we could have remarketing on LinkedIn in the not too distant future! Just think about it. Facebook and Twitter have it, (and no, I don’t mean the fancy customer match or app matching criteria) and we’re seeing it used and using it more ourselves all the time, so why wouldn’t LinkedIn develop this?

Think how powerful it will be to layer targeting attributes on top of one another to target users with specific job titles that visited your website, or worked at specific companies or list particular skills on their profile. It will all of a sudden be very powerful at pinpointing warm through to hot leads – especially if you couple it with some of the amazing stuff we’ve been doing with CRM integrations!