Rocking a bushy beard and a grey flannel, Luke gives off an air of confidence beyond his 28 years. He blends boyish charm with business savvy, creating a winning formula for keeping clients happy and grabbing the opportunities to grow their businesses. He started at 4Ps as a graduate and 5.5 years later, he’s worked his way up to Head of Client Strategy. He was recently chosen as one of The Leadership Trust’s Forty Future Leaders. Here’s some of what he’s learned about leadership at 4Ps.

On his approach to leadership:

“I don’t see myself as a leader. It’s a pretty weird thing to be. I don’t believe people should be put on a pedestal. Obviously we need hierarchy as a business, but everyone is a leader in their own right. I lead in certain aspects of the company and my role might be more visible, but everyone can be a leader in different, smaller areas. It’s about giving people the freedom and platform to voice things. And then encouraging them to just do it, run with it and help them along the way.”

Luke Knight

On his strengths as a leader:

“I’m approachable and accessible; you can’t be a leader if people can’t talk to you. I’m passionate about 4Ps and the search industry. I genuinely care for the people I work with; I want them to succeed.”

On his weaknesses as a leader:

“Recognising when someone needs me to be decisive, when they just need a yes or no answer.  And the classic – saying no to things and making sure my efforts are spent in the right places.”

On leadership as 4Ps grows:

“As we grow, we can’t have the CEO be the only person leading. We want everyone at 4Ps to be a leader, not just 4 or 5 people in an ivory tower. There’s so many different aspects of the business that there can’t be a single leader. Agency-wide, it’s about keeping our culture of ‘anyone can be a leader’ as we grow to 100 or 150 people.”

On what he’s learned from the 4Ps founders:

“From Chris Hyland – how to give clients the best possible experience. From Matt Phelan – that entrepreneurial, go-getter mentality that says nothing is impossible.”

Chris Hyland & Matt Phelan

On what 4Ps has taught him:

“Age has nothing to do with experience. We have execs, senior execs, account managers who go into meetings with some of the biggest companies in the world and boss it. I’m only 28 now, and I get to work with wicked clients and play a key part in running this company – not many people my age get to do that.”

On his advice for the next generation of leaders:

“Relationships are key. Whether that’s clients, colleagues, professional, personal – without strong relationships, you can’t be successful.”

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