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A Review of Marketing in 2012

As the developments in digital marketing have progressed so much over the past year, it has given marketers huge amount of opportunities to take advantage of to build brand awareness, and engage with their target audiences.

New social platforms, including Instagram, have connected brands to their audiences through visual engagement. Instagram allows users to create engaging visual content, to drive traffic to their websites, and its ability to connect through Facebook and Twitter automatically, allows for ease of access to their audiences on other platforms; connecting their audiences with one click.

2012 has also seen the enforcement of the EU Privacy Directive; allowing website users to consent or opt out of the usage of their information. This seemed to be quite a scary concept to websites and brands, but it has also allowed the consumer to feel more in control, and in the eye of  the consumer, will build the trust barrier with the brand, so in the long term much more beneficial to all parties.

Content has always been a huge area of focus for marketers, but this has become more important in 2012, as the Google Algorithm changes have laid more importance on this, and connecting social media and SEO. Content will continue to be of high priority to marketers leading into 2013, but creating the right content for the right audience, will be more important in order to increase the response rate to the content that brands create.

A trend that I personally have noticed during 2012, has been on whether B2B marketers should invest time in social media. I have no doubt that this is of high importance to a B2B marketing plan, but it is identifying which social platforms are right for your business. Creating a content plan and engagement strategy focused towards relevance is key to social media success in 2013, whether for B2B or B2C.

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