The agency Cherry Thinking approached 4Ps Marketing on behalf of their client Mead Johnson to analyse their social media activity over the last 18 months from Facebook and Twitter. Mead Johnson provide baby formulas for children with dairy intolerance and social media plays an important part in their marketing and community strategies. Therefore understanding the different roles it plays in the relationships with their customers is crucial to getting those strategies right.

Mead Johnson

Objective: to understand what type of social media posts on Facebook and Twitter are most likely to have the biggest impact based on the desired objective and how social media traffic behaves once on the Mead Johnson sites.

The Problem

  • Overwhelming amounts of unstructured data coming from both platforms
  • Data not being used in the planning of social media campaigns
  • Didn’t know what types of content had the biggest reach and engagement
  • Didn’t know how visitors from their social media campaigns interacted with their sites

The Solution

4Ps analytics consultants exported all the relevant data from Facebook and Twitter so it was all in one place. This enabled large amounts of data to be referenced together making it easier to identify performance and behavioural trends by content theme, post type, promoted or not promoted campaigns and individual users.

For Facebook we identified:

  • Average of new likes per day for each month
  • Total number of engaged users by month
  • By content theme – organic and paid
    • Reach
    • Number of engaged users
    • Levels of negative vs. positive feedback
    • Interactions (video plays, link clicks, all other clicks)
  • By media type – links, photo, question, status and video
    • Reach
    • Engagement (clicks, follows, likes, comments and shares)
  • Demographics of people liking posts
    • Countries
    • Cities
    • Age
    • Gender
  • Top commenters by volume and frequency of comments

Mead Johnson Social Reach

For Twitter we identified:

  • The % change in followers by week
  • Total Engagements by day of the week – organic and promoted tweets
  • Total Engagements by time of the day – organic and promoted tweets
  • Types of Engagement by day of the week – organic and promoted tweets
    • Retweets
    • Replies
    • Favourites
    • User profile clicks
    • URL clicks
    • Hashtag clicks
    • Detail expands
    • Embedded media clicks
    • Follows

The Results

In terms of identifying onsite behavior from the social media campaigns the 4Ps analytics consultants created segments in Universal Analytics for both Facebook and Twitter traffic and then used these segments to see what onsite content was engaged with, which goals were completed and which events were generated. The sites are non-transactional otherwise we would have looked at ecommerce behaviour as well.

Mead Johnson Social Insights

When we tie everything together Mead Johnson can now define clear objectives for their different social media campaigns, such as brand awareness or to drive traffic, then identify the best platform, content theme and type of post to achieve it.

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