Here is a summary of my latest social media mission – #1Man1Mission3:

Recap on the mission

Just a quick update on #1Man1Mission3. For those that followed my latest mission, the objective was to try and get Google to put a link on their homepage that allowed users to donate to charity.

The result

3 weeks into the mission, Google posted a link on their homepage talking about the charity work they do. This was certainly a success and I am proud that we did get a result.

I would like to thank everyone at Google and everyone who spoke to people at Google on my behalf to get the mission going.

Am I happy with the result?

Sort of…

On paper, the social media mission was a success. To borrow a quote from Mythbusters, “failure is always an option”, particularly when it comes to persuading Google to make permanent changes to their homepage. There was always the potential that Google would ignore my efforts completely and any acknowledgement was enough to result in some very excited emails flying around the 4Ps office.

All the same, I am still left with the feeling that Google could do more?! I appreciate all the good work they do, I appreciate the Google Adwords scheme they run, I appreciate the consideration they gave to charities in the design of Google+ but I am still left with a slightly disappointed feeling they could have gone further. I suppose though, if we are honest with ourselves, most people could do more and Google already does more than most.

What did I learn?

As with the two previous missions, social media has helped me mobilise hundreds of people towards a cause. In summary, I love setting myself fun challenges and social media has helped me do that by involving lots of people that I wouldn’t have been able to connect with through traditional channels. Geeky as it sounds, I love social media.

I also think the mission showed how you could use social media to get a conversation going with a multinational company.

What next?

I have had quite a few people ask me if I will do #1Man1Mission4 . If an idea pops into my head over the next year and think it is worth pursing, I will give it a go. Right now though, it is on the backburner unless something really interesting comes up.

Although I am open to suggestions…

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