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Mobile Marketing Trends For 2013

With all the planning already in place for the year ahead, it is important to ensure that mobile and device orientated data has been included in your digital strategy.  In the following article we have highlighted some predicted trends for device driven growth in 2013.

Availability to the Masses

The digital divide is decreasing in size every year. Those who may previously have been unable to afford smartphones and devices may now be able to purchase them on the market. Countries such as India and Pakistan are increasingly appearing as high traffic driving locations through mobile devices such as tablet computers and smart phones. This highlights the need to incorporate a mobile and device driven strategy into any online marketing plan designed for emerging markets.


Unlike native apps, HTML5 will allow websites to be created using one “universal app”. This will mean the end of coding for each individual OS (Operating System). Most recently, HTML5 has become the standard across the majority of platforms, including Android and iOS. HTML5 contains canvas elements for animations and images, supports video and audio embedding and includes a storage database for offline web applications. Most importantly, a plug-in is not required for such features, as the most up to date browsers will support them.

More and more marketers are utilising mobile devices by creating engaging and creative experiences through rich media. In comparison with traditional web apps and native applications, the developments in HTML5 and rich media features will allow marketers a superior level of engagement with their users via devices. Moving into mobile marketing for 2013, we will see marketers creating a cohesive strategy across all forms of media, with a precisely targeted mobile and device driven strategy delivering high impact results.

Mobile Coupons

It has long been common practice for savvy bargain hunters to scour the papers on a Sunday afternoon in the hope of finding a coupon for a new pair of jeans or something similar. Since the rise of coupon websites such as Groupon and Wowcher, users are far more inclined to make use of digital coupons. In fact, the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) quoted that “mobile coupons have seen wide-spread adoption to date, their use in mobile devices are expected to skyrocket in 2013 with the rise in geotargeting and Near Field Communications (NFC)”.

As marketers, the early adoption of mobile coupons will enable us to serve our customers with offers at the right time and place. Mobile coupons provide marketers with complete end-to-end control through point-of-sale integration. By using tools such as Google Analytics, we are able to identify trends and justify the ROI, allowing us to spend efficiently throughout our advertising campaigns.

Location Based Strategy

The use of Geotargeting isn’t new to digital marketers. At 4Ps Marketing, we ensure that advertisements are delivered directly to the audience at the most effective level, be that via mobile or desktop. An engaged audience at the right point along the conversion path is a valuable commodity, something that all marketers need to capitalise on.  Whether your intention is to create a first point of contact by generating interest in your products or services, or whether it is to increase sales directly, targeting your audience at the right time has never been more crucial.

2013 is likely to see more businesses investing in platforms such as NFC, enabling them to instantly push offers to users who may be browsing in store or even just walking past. Alternatively, businesses may wish to use geotargeting to nurture relationships with consumers in the form of competitions and in-store check-ins via mobile devices.

At 4Ps Marketing, we can’t wait to see how our predictions will unfurl in the year ahead. There is one thing that we can be certain of though; if marketers do not begin to utilise the capabilities available to them, they will be missing out on core deliverables that competitors may take advantage of. Next week we will be discussing the importance of media planning with mobile integration.

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