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Modern Gardens Magazine Launch

Bauer Media are a well-established publishing company with a strong background in print-based and other offline marketing tactics, however this would be their first experience of launching a magazine using digital and search marketing.

The Challenge

With joint objectives to both drive online subscriptions and create brand awareness to support offline & newsstand sales, the online strategy had to also work with Bauer Media’s existing print and radio marketing. In addition, it also had to encompass two separate websites – the newly launched branded website for the magazine and the ecommerce site greatmagazines.com where the final conversions took place.

The Solution

4Ps used a cross channel paid strategy to build brand awareness at the initial launch which then shifted to a conversion focus once a brand identity and following had been established.

Given that the website for the magazine was newly created, it was important to maintain a paid search presence for branded terms over the first few months of the launch in order to appear whilst the site was not yet ranking organically.

In order to best handle the conversion process spanning two websites, we categorised traffic in terms of user intent based on the source channel and the keywords or targeting used, allowing us to direct users at each stage of the conversion funnel to the correct destination. Users searching for branded magazine terms or more generic gardening and landscaping terms on search engines were directed to the branded website, as were users coming via the Display Network.

Adverts across social media platforms again linked to the branded website, but were also used to promote offers and competitions on both the branded website and greatmagazines.com as the nature of this content encouraged users to share it amongst their friends. Finally, searches for conversion related terms on search networks would lead users directly to the purchase page on Great Magazines, to provide the lowest barrier possible to these users showing a high intent to convert.

By leveraging Bauer Media’s existing email database, as well as data collected as a result of the activity, we were also able to introduce remarketing campaigns to further engage with users who had already shown an intent to convert, either through interacting with the brand via offers, the newsletter or downloading a sample, or from reading supporting content on the website. Using the RLSA feature in AdWords, we were able to target these users across a wider, more generic, list of keywords than would normally be feasible, since we had already established a strong intent to convert.

The Results

Guiding Bauer Media through their first online magazine launch was a unique project due to their established position, and one that we were looking forward to tackle. Across the 3 month launch period, the branded website received 30,000 visits with a strong percentage of these making their way through to Great Magazines and completing a purchase, supplemented by the users landing directly on the ecommerce site.

We also reached an additional 3.5 million users across social networks and the Google Display Network, with messaging that complemented the offline work that Bauer Media was doing, to build brand identity and awareness leading to sales being made offline. By using our online messaging to highlight the offers available at the newsstand we were able to strike the required balance between online and offline sales.

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