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Mountain Warehouse Migration To Google Universal Analytics

Mountain Warehouse are a UK based outdoor clothing retailer who have recently expanded into the US, Canadian and Australian markets. As well as selling online, Mountain Warehouse have a large store network across the UK.

Mountain Warehouse approached 4Ps Marketing to improve user tracking on their website, centralise management of tags through Google Tag Manager and deploy Universal Analytics through Google Tag Manager.

4Ps Marketing held several measurement workshops before producing a measurement plan. The idea of these was to involve key stakeholders in the business as well as other important individuals such as their internal web development team. The output of the workshops was a measurement plan.

From this plan, 4Ps Marketing produced an Implementation Plan (See Appendix 1) this documented the custom dimensions and metrics to be created along with the necessary tagging required to collect this data. As information would be passed through Google Tag Manager, the W3 Customer Experience Digital Data Layer was chosen as a standard for how attributes should be collected. In this particular deployment 4Ps Marketing specified the W3 / Tag Manager codes required and then created the necessary Tags, Macros and Rules in Google Tag Manager to read data from the data layer and send this into Google Analytics.

Throughout the site users are able to interact with various features. These interactions were grouped into logical groupings at an Event Category level, the interaction type at the Event Action level and the Event Label used to record the value a user selected. These interactions were recorded with any hit and page level Custom Dimensions. We have also tracked Site Search to record searches where no search results were found so we are able to identify whether there are particular products of interest.

Ecommerce tracking was added to the thank you page, as Mountain Warehouse operate across multiple territories local currency codes record the local currency value of any transactions.

Data Analysis

With the new deployment Mountain Warehouse have a greater visibility as to how users engage with their site. By combining this with demographic data they are also able to look at how men buying products aimed at women compare to men buying products for men (i.e. potentially gift purchasers).

Segmentation has allowed us to measure the value of the community and advice sections. We have segments to show whether a user has had previous interactions with either

As well as segmentation within GA we produced a full Category / Sub Category and Product Performance report allowing Mountain Warehouse to drill down to see how well particular categories performed and which products effected this. The report was Excel based and made use of the Google Analytics API to automate:

The Results

From the above project we helped Mountain Warehouse to define content strategy. The business can be effected by seasonality in particular during the summer. By reviewing the product performance report we were able to highlight and define offsite activity should be focused as to maximize new visitors / revenue.

We were also able to use the segmentation to show which particular content within the community users were engaging with and how in future sessions influential this was to conversions.

This insight has helped to achieve a 48% increase in transactions and a 57% increase in revenue year on year from the website.

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