My Facebook dilemma…a pretty simple but quick post this morning. For about twelve months now I have been considering leaving Facebook.

Why quit Facebook? In really simple terms: I am bored of it. I even find that I have a small addiction to check it on my phone once a day for about 30 seconds. I always leave disappointed and ask myself “Why am I on Facebook?”

Over the last 6 months, I have read several posts from industry peers on why they are quitting Facebook. Many of these go into privacy, political and data ownerships issues Although I am aware of all these problems, I actually believe that Facebook is an incredibly amazing free resource. I think it has changed the world for the better and I don’t resent anyone else for being on Facebook.

So why I haven’t I quit Facebook yet?

1. I work in the digital industry and every single day it is important for me to know what is going on in digital. This sole reason has kept me on Facebook for the last 6 months. My plan to keep up with Facebook is to take over the running of

2. Some people have asked me; How can you run a digital agency but not be on Facebook?

I completely understand this question, but if I had to apply that rule to everything in my life then I would need to read over 10,000 websites every day to understand all the websites that are part of our network. I don’t read the Guardian or the Sun but I will still advocate advertising on their websites if those websites reach your target market.

Every single day I see results from campaigns that we run on Facebook for our clients that are incredibly successful, generating revenue and creating a positive ROI. I still advocate Facebook for business if used in the right way, but for me, this is a personal decision about where I want to be online.

For me Twitter fills that Facebook gap for me. I also find that I have more in common with some of people that I chat with on Twitter that I have never met; compared to say someone I haven’t seen for over 10 years. I use Twitter as a personalised newsfeed and it keeps me up to date in a short concise way on what interests me.

So after some deliberation I quit Facebook last week. So far it feels good and it turns out I don’t need an intranet for my friends. I would love to hear from people who agree or disagree with my opinion on Facebook. I am intrigued to see if anyone can persuade me either way. Opinions please…

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