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Google “Not Provided” For Paid Search

Google have released an article regarding extending their efforts to keep search secure by removing the search query tracking when users are signed-in and click on a paid search advert. This is in relation to the SSL encryption for signed-in searches that was launched in 2011.

This release has led many to speculate that there will be ‘not provided’ search queries for paid search. To clarify, this is not the case. For those using the adwords API, full access to search queries and keywords will still be available. The change may, however, affect and limit those advertisers using third party management and analytics systems that are accessing paid search queries without going direct via the adwords API.

Google’s recommendation for those using third parties is to use the adwords API search query performance report or adwords scripts report service for generating reports or automating keyword management with query data.

For those customising landing pages, Google recommend using the keyword that generated the ad click rather than the query. The keyword and match type can be passed to your web server by using a ValueTrack parameter in your destination URLs.

For more information on Google’s recommendations for those using third party management or analytics systems, please visit the Google Developers blog: https://googleadsdeveloper.blogspot.ca/2014/04/security-enhancements-for-search-users.html

For all 4Ps paid search clients, this will not affect the management of your paid search account. However, please do check your data with any third party analytics tools that you may be using.

If you have been affected by the changes or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your 4Ps account manager.

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