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Google Online Display Ads Reporting

Last year Google released view-through conversion tracking for online display ads. This tracking allowed advertisers to track the amount of online conversions produced within thirty days after a customer viewed the ad on the content network, regardless of whether the ad was clicked on or not. Over the past week, Google have made significant updates to the view-through conversion tracking system.

Firstly, the time frame of thirty days to track online display ads can now be customised to make sense to the business in question. For example, companies offering exclusive offers will likely be responded to by their customers within a shorter time frame than businesses offering Spanish lessons, where a customer may take time to decide if they want lessons and sign up. The flexibility of the time frame now provides advertisers with more valuable information of how effective an online display ad is , and more importantly how their target users interact with the ad.

The second improvement made by Google is that advertisers are now able to exclude any duplicate view-through conversion reporting across the search and content networks. If enabled, users who have clicked on search ads will be excluded from any online display ads reporting associated with the content network. This means that search-users’ clicks will only be attributed to search ads. Google also firmly state that if advertisers choose to use the exclusion settings for their campaigns, this will affect future data within the account.

The changes made by Google will undoubtedly improve online display ads conversion reporting and encourage PPC advertisers on the Google Content Network to make full use of conversion tracking. Moreover, by making the reporting more relevant can also aid in effectively targeting online display ads.

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