Matt Phelan originally wrote an open letter to the 4Ps Management Board regarding philanthropic time off for all members of the 4Ps team.

This originated from him spending the day making tea for The Children’s Society in early June, encouraging him to request that all 4Ps staff do charitable work in the community on a regular basis.

You can see his original letter below the response from the 4Ps Management Board:

Response From The 4Ps Management Board

Dear Matt,

Thank you for your open letter to the management board. We very much enjoyed your update on serving tea at The Children’s Society, particularly the picture of you in your rather dashing apron.

Under the “Community” section of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, we offer employees up to 2 days a year to request time out of the office to participate in projects which benefit the community, including fundraising.

Your letter has therefore highlighted two things to us:

1. This is a little known fact within the agency, and therefore we thank you for bringing it to everyone’s attention

2. That there are many inventive ways in which people can use this time effectively, ultimately benefiting both themselves and the community

We look forward to hearing about your next venture and encourage others to start thinking about how they can take part too.


The 4Ps Management Board


Letter To The Management Board


Dear Management Board of 4Ps Marketing Limited (Hannah, Paul, Matt D, Serena, Robert, Luke & Emma);

I am writing this open letter to you following my afternoon serving tea at a Children’s Society store in London. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I have returned to work this morning refreshed and ready for the exciting challenges ahead at 4Ps Marketing. I feel strongly that we should open this up to all our staff and offer them ½ day per year to spend on charitable / creative / local initiative style projects. I appreciate we already have a generous holiday allowance but I see this as entirely separate.

The Cost

Having previously been co-CEO for 4 years with Chris Hyland, I am aware that one of your first thoughts will be that there is a conservative cost of circa £60,000 to a company of our size doing this (let alone the future cost as we expand).

I personally don’t see this as a cost and I see this as an investment in our people and the wider community and industry. We have amazing people in our company and I see this as a further investment in ensuring we continue to be voted number 1 agency by our industry peers.

Client Focused

As we know, all our activity at 4Ps Marketing is client focused. I also propose that a condition of taking ½ day for this activity is that we do this side by side with our clients. To prove this is possible I have already signed up a client to attend my next tea serving event following one phone call.

Next steps

I am happy to attend your next board meeting to discuss the proposal in more detail if you feel it is required.

Over to you

Matt Phelan

Co-Founder at 4Ps Marketing

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