Marcus Knight and Tammy Kieffer discussed how to use Paid Search for Brand Awareness at this year’s Digital EDGEucation.

Paid Search for Brand Awareness

Paid search advertising is often used as a means to address “lower-funnel” buyers, however it can achieve much more than delivering a direct response. It is in the end, advertising. It is an opportunity for a brand to broadcast a message that will impact its target audience, and shape its market perception. Unlike more traditional advertising, it can impact users during the moments that matter – whilst they are interested and engaged.

Why Paid Advertising?

It is Cost Efficient:

Paid Search for Brand Awareness

Is Paid Advertising Right For My Business?

Paid Search for Brand Awareness 2

There is a high importance of using paid to keep your brand visible throughout the buying process, otherwise you could be missing out when they return to purchase at a later date.

Paid Search for Brand Awareness 3

Paid search fundamentals focus on clicks and conversion
  • Keywords that we want to be associated when users are searching
  • Maximum branding impact
  • To reinstate brand position and increase branding impact

The goal here is usually to generate the maximum number of clicks and conversions, however the impact on brand awareness has recently been discussed.

Defending your brand with keywords
  • Defend your territory and stop competitors appearing in top results
  • Use ad copy to mirror wider marketing channels for maximum impact
  • Be present on more of the results page real estate
  • Target conversion keywords so your brand is seen at the key time
Brand Awareness Benefits

The success of PPC campaigns is not always clicks, conversions and CTR. The impressions we’re getting are making an impact on an engaged user – if the keywords are correct, the audience will likely be too. A lost click there and then is not always a lost conversion in the long run.

80% lift in top-of-mind awareness for brands that appear at the top of Google results

A missed click is not always a missed conversion

Driving awareness to new users across the web
  • Place image ads against relevant content across the web
  • Drive awareness to new customers only by excluding existing ones
  • Reach your audience without them actively searching for you
  • Use remarketing to reach users who have been to your site before
Demographic Search Targeting
  • Your customers are human beings
  • Your brand awareness can and should be tailored to the occasion
  • Position your brand to the demographics that matter to you
  • Tailor the message based on who is seeing your ad
  • Research shows up to 30% increase in click through rate
Do Your Research

‘A potential customer using lipstick on a regular basis, is NOT ONLY interested in beauty’

  • What Interests Should You Be Targeting?
  • What Demographics Should You Be Targeting?
  • Where Should You Be Focusing Your Investment?
Moving towards ‘people targeting’

The rise in persona based targeting options points to a move away from traditional keyword based targeting. And progress for the strength of paid search in building brand awareness. It means brands are able to reach specified audiences and position themselves based on the scenario.

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