Search Success in 2013

Due to the increase in online shopping for food and drink products in 2013, strategies for food marketers for this industry must now look beyond simply increasing the number and quality of visits. We have been encouraging clients to invest resources into assessing their current customer journeys and conversion rate optimisation projects. This includes not only shopping basket conversion rates, but the overall structure of a client’s site, especially ecommerce sites. Once completed, we expect these assessments to highlight ways in which website performance can be improved.


The effect of quality content within the food and drinks industry is becoming increasingly obvious and its present importance can hardly be overstated.  As such, it will continue to be a major element of 4Ps Marketing’s strategies in 2014.

  • A business may sell a variety of food and drink products
  • Certain consumers will know that they want to buy, come through Google and make a purchase
  • Others may be in the consideration phase of their buying cycle, and it is at this point that content is invaluable. Recipes, articles about specific products, nutrition guides, how-tos and even pairing advice will all help drive an undecided consumer down the purchase funnel.
  • “Awareness, consideration, conversion” – this will underpin our strategies!

Driving Footfall

From a bricks and mortar perspective, there is no doubt in our minds that offline must be integrated with online activity.

  • For example, restaurants need to be using the likes of Facebook and Twitter for customer service and to build up consumer relationships. Building brand awareness and loyalty is vital in such a competitive market.
  • Facebook applications can offer a simple way of driving conversions, whether it’s a voucher for in-store redemption or an online discount code. Relationships built on social platforms can have positive financial returns.
  • The rising stars of social media (Instagram, Vine, Pinterest) should be explored – there is a marked increase in people talking about their food and drink choices on the web. Brands that are a part of such conversations are reaping the rewards in both brand recognition and attributed revenue.

Seasonal Trends

Strategies to combat seasonal trends:

It is common for food and drink businesses to have extreme seasonal trends, but it is important that we don’t simply accept these lulls in website performance. Our food and drink specialists have worked with many clients to go against these trends and increase website activity. There are a number of ways to achieve this, including content, promotional sales strategies and even blogger events based on long term goals.

What to expect For Food Marketing in 2014

Keywords have been the main focus in recent years, but for 2014, we predict that food and drink marketers will need to focus less on this and more on how they structure their content to adhere to the Google Hummingbird Update. Understanding  user intent will be key for marketers and businesses alike. For example, if a user is searching for apple pie, are they looking for a recipe, an online retailer or perhaps even a local bakery? The results shown should be targeted to each user’s intent. There were a number of Google updates in 2013, all of which improve the search engine for the searcher, not the business. Google will rank websites that are most relevant to the user’s intent and businesses must therefore make sure their website answers as many relevant consumer demands as possible.

We also think that food marketers should be investing more money in research designed to better understand the individual user’s journey and intent. This understanding will be imperative in generating content… This will make a difference in regards to conversions as customers can be more specifically targeted so that when they land on a food and drink or restaurant website they are more likely to convert. Subsequently this means more efficient marketing spend.

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