Product pages can be vital for your SEO performance and depending on the size and product offering of your site it can often be responsible for a majority of your revenue thanks to long tail searches.

The problem with many eCommerce systems is that they can set up URLs in a manner distinctly unfriendly to both search engines and users. This can often be problematic because search engines can have a real struggle to understand your individual product URLs if they are given in some abstract and non-intuitive format.

This case study focuses on an eCommerce website that made a change to their site’s product URL structure. It is important not that this “fix” isn’t exclusive for retail sites and the principal can be taken over to any site utilising a large catalogue set of URLs.

The old structure of this site’s product URLs was{product-code}, such as Whilst having product codes in URLs is often needed for eCommerce sites for reporting purposes, they give little context to search engines and users so provide no value for organic search purposes.

Our recommendation was to add the product description into the URL and set up 301 redirects from the old URL to the new URL. The new URLs followed the structure of{product-name}-{product -code}, for example

Search engines absolutely loved this change. We saw an increase in views to product pages for site and the traffic uplift was almost immediate in terms of SEO – a rare but brilliant case of a genuine “quick win” for organic!

Why Product URLs Matter For SEO - Analytics Uplift

The red circle on the graph above shows when the change was made. Pretty impressive! We can see a clear uplift in product page performance which in turn lead to an increase in sales because of an improvement in qualified, long tail query performance.

Whatever your business vertical, it is vitally important to make sure that all of your URLs are user friendly and readable. This gives great signals to search engines and helps make sure that every single page on your site is working as hard as it possibly can to grow your business through organic search.

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