What a year it has been, it is pretty amazing to look back and see how far we have come in such a short space of time. It only feels like yesterday that Matt and I were attending a meeting with our accountant in the first week of January, and as per usual he was bringing us back down to Earth with warnings about the wider macro-economic climate. Thankfully we have a few of these wise old heads around who keep drumming home the message that if you want to grow as a business you need to continually re-invest to ensure we have a robust company that is built on strong foundations.

It has been a great year at 4Ps Marketing; I really feel like we have massively matured as a business and raised it to another level which has allowed key people in the company to be able to focus on strategy and growing the business. The head count has also grown, at last year’s Christmas Party there were 19 of us, whereas at this year’s celebrations there will be 30.

In 2011 we have attracted some fantastic brands to the business such Lindt & Sprüngli, Office Shoes, Liberty London, Benefit Cosmetics & Experian to name a few, but arguably the more important success story of the year has yet again been our client retention. We now have a number of clients who have been with us for over three years which I feel is a great achievement and is obviously a key contribution to why we are growing as a company; I hope we continue to match their expectations into the New Year.

There were also a few big landmarks for the agency this year, we were the youngest agency to be entered into the NMA Services Guide and found ourselves in 30th position, and I am excited to see where we will be placed this year, I am hoping to break into the top 25 but we shall see…

Our very own Matthew Phelan, my business partner and Co-Founder of 4Ps Marketing, featured in the New Media Age Top 100 Social Influence Chart powered by Peer Index. It’s amazing what you can do when you offer to buy a few people from Linked In a beer.

We also recently announced that Peter Abraham, Director of Econsultancy will be joining the 4Ps Marketing Board. We are all very excited about Peter joining the team and I for one am looking forward to tapping into Peter’s vast digital & agency knowledge to help us achieve our goals through 2012 and beyond.

We also have the Econsultancy SEO Buyers Guide to look forward to in January 2012 which I know we have been featured in for the very first time and can only increase our PR presence across the industry.

2012 holds a lot of hope. Yet again we have some ambitious targets for the year and I am extremely confident we can achieve them; I really do feel we have an immensely talented team and we all share that same hunger and desire to push on and do better things for personal, client and agency growth.

Away from business, we also have the long awaited Olympics, the Football European Championships, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the big one, my wedding to look forward to! Roll on 2012…

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