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Sapphire Systems USA Website Launch

Sapphire Systems is a leading global provider of accounting and business software solutions. They offer global implementations for Infor SunSystems and SAP Business One. Sapphire Systems is based in London with international offices in Los Angeles, New York, Houston and Chicago, Sydney and Mumbai.

Sapphire traditionally sold SAP and Infor to businesses based on the capabilities of the products. However, it was clear that different industries used the software in very different ways and to varying degrees of success, so a new approach was needed in order to help grow Sapphire’s business.

Objective: To increase overall search market share and visibility of Sapphire Systems in the US.



4Ps worked closely with Sapphire Systems to develop the US part of Sapphire Systems online from the design and development process with initial research and architecture selection through to the build, execution within multiple countries and post launch monitoring.

This comprehensive launch project included:




Year on year results show more than a 500% increase in visits across all US pages with over 60% of this traffic coming from organic and spread across a variety of industry and product pages.

The focus on the US part of the site has proved incredibly successful in terms of organic visibility, demonstrated here by sample keyword rankings and overall average organic position on Google (excluding universal search results such as Maps and Images), which has improved steadily in the last few months. Note that here a lower average rank is positive, as it means queries are closer to the top of search results pages.

“We don’t see 4Ps as an external agency, but as part of our team. They play a vital role in our marketing strategy.” – Carl Cooper, Head of Digital Marketing at Sapphire Systems

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