With the Internet generation as it is today online interaction is considered a normal part of everyday life, so building a reputable online presence for your brand is invaluable. A popular part of search engine marketing (SEM) is the use of social media. Twitter is a prominent social media platform where brands can interact with notable peers, share industry and product news, stay connected at conferences and trade shows and reach their audiences on a personal level.

SEO Tips for Twitter

Twitter has proved itself to be a useful tool in search engine marketing, but has the potential to become detrimental to the company’s online presence if not used in a way that satisfies the followers. The guys at Mashable took it upon themselves to research this by interviewing people and analysing streams in order to produce a few essential dos and don’ts for brand tweeters.

Use proper spelling and grammar

Remember, you’re representing your company so bad spelling and grammar reflects negatively on the brand. Some abbreviations and ‘text talk’ is OK but should be kept to a minimum.

Always reply to @comments

Users will engage with a brand through @comments – this voluntary engagement is extremely valuable to any company or brand so it is vital you reply as soon as possible, preferably within a few hours. It is also important to respond to positive tweets and comments about your brand, even if it’s just a simple ‘thanks’.

Monitor keywords and competitors

Monitoring keywords and competitors can prove a great opportunity to gain new followers, convert users into customers and develop a strong reputation within your field.

Be informative

You need to be informative in your tweets and present an explanatory description on your actual profile page as well as a link to your web address.

Don’t show off

No-one likes a show off. Your followers are following you because they are interested in your company or products so don’t bombard them with extravagant claims or links to every company press release, article etc. Make sure all your tweets are user-friendly and aren’t portrayed as overly commercial.

Don’t get too personal

The level of personality portrayed via Twitter is different for every company and should be determined by its size and nature. Tweets and conversations should communicate at a personal level but it is important to remember professionalism.

Don’t over-tweet

Followers don’t want their timelines flooded with tweets from the same company. It is important to remember that everything that excites you about the brand doesn’t necessarily appeal to other users, therefore it’s important to filter the information you tweet.

Don’t auto-tweet

The main focus of a company Twitter account is to engage with users on a personal level so to roll out automated tweets defeats the objective and won’t have a positive impact on your user engagement strategy. Users have become well accustomed to this style of promotion and will easily recognise the output of a bot.

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