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Search User Experience and an Introduction to Hotjar

Driving traffic is easy.

Driving quality traffic is complicated.

Acquiring users is difficult.

Retaining users is a nightmare.

But it shouldn’t be.

At 4Ps we want the entire search journey to be as pleasant as possible. Search finishes the moment you’ve found what you were looking for, which is very far away from just landing on a page. Today’s customer journey is made up of endless touch points. We want to convert every single one of them as an opportunity.

Sometimes opportunities are waiting right on your doorstep, the key to identifying them is measurement. Measuring is itself part of a journey too: measure > understand > implement.

We’ve been implementing measurement plans for many of our clients for a while now. Measurement plans set up the scope of your marketing campaigns, which enlighten brands to user pain points, providing actionable solutions.

Well that last part is white lie. Data won’t provide solutions, solutions are the outcome of our insights and our work. Data needs to be processed, chunked and hammered. We also do that. We make it understandable and then we do create actionable solutions.

These solutions sometimes go beyond search. Sometimes the problems we want to solve are no longer part of a marketing campaign. Sometimes it has to do with how users experience your brand.

All these micro tasks or micro interactions from the beginning of a search until the completion of a tasks is something we want to optimise. With that premise in mind, we are now thrilled to announce an addition to our measuring tools: Hotjar.

Hotjar is a relatively new tool but it is already disrupting the Conversion Rate Optimisation industry. We realised that the moment we were part of their exclusive group of beta testers, and we are proud to be part of their founding members.

Hotjar is all-in-one Analytics and Feedback tool. You can create endless heat maps, recordings, conversion funnels and forms – all at the same time that you can collect valuable feedback from your users through the use of polls, surveys or recruiters. That, in a nutshell, is a weapon.

However, there is a massive problem. It’s addictive. So addictive that we need to time-box the time we spend with it. That is how good this tool is.

For us this a game changer; it provides the data and information that, combined with our measurement plan, allows us to detect what the main blockers of your users are when interacting with your website. It allow us to take search to the next level. It provides us focus on what really matters:

Users completing tasks, users interacting, creating an experience, create a brand.

“4Ps is always assessing new technologies to see how they can benefit our clients. We were quite excited with Hotjar and after successfully using the Beta with a number of our clients to help identify potential pain points in a conversion journey.  We were among those who supported the project to help it become a commercial reality resulting in 4Ps being recognised as a Founding Member [https://www.hotjar.com/founding-members]. I am particular excited to use Hotjar especially when it is integrated into the IABI framework, that is Insight, Action and Business Impact and as Gerard says it’s another weapon in a digital arsenal.”                                                             

Matt Stannard, Head of Analytics & Technology, 4Ps Marketing

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