As we all are aware SEO is an ever evolving industry. Over the past 10 years or so the occurrence of innovative technologies has shaped our behavioural trends and in turn the way we advertise digitally. The integration of technology has undoubtedly crafted a path for SEO, but as trends fluctuate, I am looking toward the future in order to uncover how search engine optimisation may change in 10 years time.

Besides the baffling question of how we will actually pronunciate 2022, I have been thinking about what future technologies may be developed and how they will impact SEO.

Automatic Changing Ads

We can’t talk about the future without mentioning mobile devices. I remember my first colour mobile phone and I genuinely believed technology could get no better; however, I now have a smart phone and feel quite the fool.

Contemporary mobile devices are suited with a host of applications for different consumer needs. Already in 2012 we have seen QR codes reinvent shopping experiences around the globe. For example in China lifelike images of supermarket shelves are displayed in metro stations so that consumers can scan products and have them delivered to their home, encouraging consumers to shop whilst on the move. I predict that this kind of shopping experience will be a common practice within western society via something similar to RFID tags.

Today RFID tags are commonly used for asset tracking, payment systems and also retailing. Technology such as this could track previous purchases I have made and make suggestions to similar products that could be of interest. Creating social signals could alter every aspect of advertising, including outdoor. Outdoor bespoke creative solutions in shopping malls or bus stops could change depending on the person. Knowing the consumer’s previous likes and dislikes will enable marketers to target you and even display an image of yourself with the product in the space, for example we could be targeted with an ad of our self wearing a jumper or pair of jeans, which have been selected based on previous buying habits.

Can you imagine walking past a bus stop and the advert changing to a new Lindt chocolate because you devoured a whole box of celebrations the week before?


Many times I have been out and spotted an amazing pair of shoes, the problem being they are displayed on somebody else’s feet and not in a shop window. Through using a mobile and image recognition technology consumers will be able to find the products they desire a range of retailers, and this is where SEO comes into play. Retailers will have to optimise their applications to rank for the individual products they sell creating extended platforms for SEO – something similar to Google product feeds will need to be optimised.

You may question how you could use your mobile to do so; well I have an answer for you, product recognition. Now today when I say product recognition you may think of recognising a product without its label. Well keep up because my mind is in 2022, and I’m talking about mobile product recognition. As I mentioned before imagine taking a photo of those fabulous shoes and my nifty handset telling me exactly which retailers they are sold in, including pricing and delivery. I know, it will be amazing!

Now stop me if I’m getting ahead of myself but I’m thinking big and getting very excited. Not only will I be able to find out where I can purchase random products, this could be an ideal retail shopping experience too. I love a good sale but I won’t be waiting in line for the changing room, I predict that photos of the consumer will be used to sell back to them.

For example if I scan or take a photograph of a person wearing a pair of shoes, my mobile device could actually put the product on me without having to even pull off my boots. As farfetched as it may seem, the technology is already there, we are just waiting for it to be implemented.

This will open a host of opportunities for SEO and creates even more questions like how will Google read the product results? How will retailers optimise for it? Will the way we shop move in this direction? I think so and am looking forward to the next 10 years of my career to find out exactly what SEO in 2022 has in store!

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