The importance of SEO link building as a part of overall offsite SEO cannot be stressed enough, and a reminder of some of the most important and simplest strategies will help to ensure an overall successful strategy.

Link building is not a one-off activity; it requires time, effort and constant attention in order to have the desired effect of increasing your position on the SERPs and driving targeted traffic to your site. In addition, high search result positions result in brand recognition and top of mind awareness, all important in the marketing of your brand. The more links a page has, the more popular and relevant it is perceived to be, and it should also therefore rank higher in the search results.

The following few ideas should help in increasing the amount of inbound links on your site.

  • Maintain a blog: This allows you to provide fresh and new content that is relevant to your industry. Search engines love new and relevant content, and the more you update your site, the more your site will be indexed. Regular participation in online communication is also important. Be sure to actively comment on other relevant blogs with a link back to your own blog, and if you are lucky that blog owner will link back to you. Become a trusted professional in your online community and create those important backlinks.
  • Submit your site to link directories: Ensure that you select the correct category to be included in, and if your site is relevant, you will most likely be included in that directory. By succeeding in being listed in DMOZ for example, you are signalling that your site is relevant to that category.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising in addition to SEO will result in more targeted visits to your site.
  • Web copy: Ensure that the content on your page is easy to understand and that it is accurate! This reflects on how professional you are and in turn reflects on the perceived reliability of the information.
  • Submit articles and Press Releases: Articles containing industry information, and press releases on the activities of your company have the potential of creating valuable links back to your site.
  • Create link bait: Creating content that grabs the attention of users will result in a successful viral campaign. Examples of link bait would be to create interesting lists, humorous articles and reporting on breaking industry news.

When link building, and with any SEO activity for that matter, it is always important to keep in mind that all we are trying to do is make the website as relevant as possible. This will allow the search engines to find your page and return it as the most relevant page for a specific search query.

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