For those of you who want to engage with audiences using videos it is important to make sure that people can find your content easily, this is achieved by ensuring that your page has good Youtube optimisation to help bring more traffic to your channel and url. I will start by giving a bit of background and reviewing the two video hosting sites that I think are most important, and finish with a few easy steps to improving your video SEO.

Online video content has exploded over the past few years, In 2010, there were over 700 billion video playbacks on YouTube and more than half the videos on YouTube have been rated or commented on by users. Twitter’s popularity has helped to boost YouTube prominence in Google with more than 400 tweets per minute containing a YouTube link, and over 150 years worth of YouTube video watched on Facebook every day.

What is YouTube?

YouTube has become the AV search engine, it is a great promotional tool for video and audio, it is the student jukebox and extreme sports portal all in one. But there is no real quality control on YouTube which has resulted in a cascade of crazy cat and blooper style videos, as well as duplicate uploads of poor quality, re-dubbed rips.  Part of YouTube’s success can be put down to Google’s purchase of the site in 2006 which has allowed the two companies two synchronise the two services. Some of their success is due to the fact that they provide HTML links which has encouraged people to embed video in their blog posts, on forums and more recently to share on twitter extensively.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo provides a more professional alternative for those seeking high quality/HD non-commerical video content and a more positive community spirit, although it doesn’t have the go-to following of YouTube just yet.  Vimeo’s preference for non-commercial content could prevent it from gaining quite as much popularity as YouTube, but on the other hand promote a trend towards cloaked or subtle commercial content which is more aesthetically pleasing.
Videos of this nature are already appearing on Vimeo (and YouTube) with great success; one example is the mind blowing footage of Danny Macaskill hopping his way around Scotland in “Way Back Home” wearing a helmet with the logo of a prominent energy drinks manufacturer on the front. Then there was the (much more famous) example of the Rebecca Black music video for “Friday” that reportedly started out as a $4000 pop-factory birthday present and turned into a multi-million dollar YouTube sensation. While the rise of “Friday” in the YouTube/Google/Twitter/world rankings might seem suspicious to the cynics amongst us, you can’t deny its success in SEO, social media sharing and revenue terms.

On site YouTube optimisation

Before you upload your content you might want to consider breaking it up into several parts (this works well with instructional videos as the user may have prior knowledge of other aspects of a topic and so might not need the whole picture) it will also allow you to create more pages with related content which you can link to.

1.Just like a piece of writing it is important to produce a relevant title for your video, descriptive and with relevant keywords is best.

2. For the description you would want to include your URL at the top with a hard return to make a clickable link. Put as many words as possible into your video description (between 500 and 1000 words is best as it provides lots of info for the search engine crawlers to process.

3. Use keyword tags separated with spaces.

4. Choose the category that best fits your content.

5. Create internal links by adding your videos to playlists, this will help them to appear in the featured video section.

6. Start sharing. If you want to push online video content there are other sites to consider such as;, screencast and dailymotion.

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