Seven Seas Worldwide (SSW), an international shipping company, has its HQ in Ashford, Kent but a global presence with owned depots all around the world with a strong overseas infrastructure which makes it unusual in consumer shipping – the majority of players in this sector make use of agents or resellers but SSW handles goods end to end, giving greater control over costs and customer satisfaction.

Seven Seas Worldwide

As well as providing both small business and general consumer shipping options, SSW offers a number of uniquely branded product offerings including MoveCube, SeaPost, MilkMail and other specialist services which meet niche market demands but were having difficulty in bringing in a good volume of business.

Objective: to create a sustainable, search-friendly new website built on a platform for growth, deployed with minimal possible impact on the current website’s organic search visibility.

The Problem

  • Lack of organic search growth due to technical issues on the current website
  • Limited/no international presence as site CMS struggled to allow copy changes for organic visibility
  • Inter-domain tracking problems meant channel attribution was almost non-existent
  • No long term growth or sustainability possible on the current website platform and codebase
  • Product focused content and architecture not intuitive or comprehensible to first time users
  • No visibility at all on other search ecosystems and engines relevant for international markets, such as Bing

Seven Seas Worldwide Old Website

The Solution

4Ps search and analytics consultants worked closely with Seven Seas Worldwide at every level of the redesign and redevelopment process from the selection of a CMS and development agency through to the build, measurement planning, deployment and post-launch visibility monitoring of the new international, responsive website.

Seven Seas Worldwide New Website

This comprehensive launch project included:

Search Consulting Services

  • Advice and assistance on design and development agency brief documentation and CMS selection
  • Design feedback along with HTML markup and other search-based technical recommendations
  • Full technical specifications for a search-friendly platform from code to semantic and social markup
  • International implementation advice including optimal domain structure and rel alternate hreflang
  • Search market research and copy optimisation based on solution marketing for niche branded services
  • Integration for multiple sites to a single www subdomain and full 301 planning
  • Content architecture overhaul based on solutions for users rather than presentation of products
  • Code to content ratio advice and source order consultation to optimise presence for Bing and other engines

Analytics Consulting Services

  • Business level measurement planning consultancy – to define objectives, KPIs and analytics segments
  • Implementation plan for web tracking using Google Tag Manager and custom data layers
  • Close liaison with development teams and agencies to implement and test tracking
  • Post launch consultation and monitoring to ensure accuracy of data for the business

The Results

Seven Seas Worldwide Relaunch Results

The site went live with complete preservation of traffic and visibility levels. Total indexed pages and general crawlability rose rapidly as the site was rediscovered by search robots and re-indexed in its new, more optimised form.

Seven Seas Worldwide Relaunch & Indexing

New levels of true international visibility with copy, pricing and messaging tailored to locations has boosted international traffic along with overall revenue, with the number of transactions on the new website rising steadily thanks to the mobile-friendly responsive design, improved search presence and content focused around solutions to user needs rather than branded products.

(please note the below graph has numbers hidden to protect client confidentiality)

Seven Seas Worldwide Transactions

With the mechanisms for growth in place, Seven Seas Worldwide now has the capability to grow their international business strategy. Visibility, demonstrated here by sample keyword rankings and overall average base rank on Google (excluding universal search results such as Maps and Images), rose dramatically after the launch of the new site.

Seven Seas Worldwide Visibility

In addition, the presence of more streamlined, well-ordered and optimised source code at the base technical level the website gained visibility outside Google on other search ecosystems. For example, the number of monitored queries sampling in the top ten positions on Bing (highly relevant particularly for the US market) rose dramatically post launch.

Bing Organic Visibility SSW

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