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Social Media for 2013

Social media for 2013 will see a continual rise in the use of creative content, mobile and an increased ability to measure and provide significant ROI figures.

Before going into my three main points I want to talk a little about new and upcoming social networks. Although 2012 has seen Facebook and Twitter dominate the social media space, the likes of Google+, Instagram and Pinterest have made their mark and are increasingly being used by many large brands. The purpose of the before mentioned are very different, the first being to directly compete with Facebook and twitter, the second focused on photo sharing and the final a mix of them all. With each platform on the rise, marketers have an increased opportunity to capitalise on the communities that develop – it is these opportunities that lead me nicely onto my next three points.

Content, in its many forms will become more important than ever in 2013. The reason for this is that consumers are becoming ever savvier; they know when they’re being sold to, and therefore can be reluctant to engage with brands that are taking the “heavy sell” approach. Content allows a business or brand to sell its personality and benefits; this in turn can lead to enhanced relationships and direct/future sales. Outside of this, we cannot ignore the SEO benefits that content has for websites, as a result our strategies next year will be largely focused around content.

Over the last 12 months we’ve seen huge increases in mobile activity, whether website visits or engagement over Twitter, consumers are becoming more mobile –  engagement, strategies, website and content must understand this and be altered accordingly. Content that can be read and shared on the move will be extremely powerful.

My final point to raise about social media for 2013 is ROI; there is not much to say other than over the next 12 months people investing in social media will be able to pinpoint their returns far more accurately.

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