SPANA, The Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad, are a charity founded in 1923 to improve the welfare of working animals in the world’s poorest communities. Operating across eight core countries, SPANA funds a permanent network of veterinary centres and mobile clinics, providing free veterinary care to working animals in need. They are located within the Third Sector team at 4Ps.


The Problem

As a charity, SPANA are eligible for a free $10,000 monthly budget to spend with Google AdWords, known as the Google Grants programme. With this free spend being considered a bonus, the administration of this AdWords campaign was positioned with a low budget agency for several years. The approach taken was to spend the full budget each month on a large number of irrelevant keywords. This achieved a high number of impressions, but a limited CTR. In addition, the number of conversions achieved was low for the monthly spend.

The Solution

We decided to completely restructure the account, starting from scratch as the existing structure was highly disorganised. We opted to do so with a strong focus on granularity, giving us complete control over the traffic we were driving. This focus on granularity required the creation of an account that had very limited keywords per ad group, which meant that each keyword would have tailored ad copy. This would show both the user and Google our relevancy to the search query. As a result of this relevancy, Google would reward us with higher quality scores and in turn lower CPCs. In addition, we hoped it would increase the amount of clicks we were getting from interested users, owing to the more relevant ad copy.


As with all Google Grants campaigns, we were limited to a maximum bid of $2, meaning that we would need to primarily target long tail keywords to achieve coverage. We also were limited to one day per month to work on the account, owing to the financial commitment required from SPANA to seek our assistance with this.

The Results

We launched the first of the new campaigns in July, adding an additional campaign each month after then. A large proportion of irrelevant keywords were removed, resulting in a reduction in impressions of 36% which positively impacted performance through improved relevancy. The increased keyword and ad copy relevance saw a 24% increase in CTR and a 50% increase in conversion rate. The campaigns as a whole have so far resulted in an 18% increase in conversions.

SPANA Google Grants PPC Results

Pre and Post Improvement 6 Months:

  • Impressions dropped 36% as irrelevant keywords removed (816,814 vs 1,284760)
  • CTR improved 24% due to more relevant ad targeting through granularity of ad groups (1.94% vs 1.56%)
  • Conversions increased 18.6% (121 vs 102)
  • Cost Per Conversion reduced 35.8% ($209.70 vs $326.60) NB. Google Grants in Dollars, not Sterling.
  • Conversion Rate increased 50% (0.76% vs 0.51%)

October 2015 vs October 2014:

  • Impressions dropped 49% as irrelevant keywords removed (213,518 vs 421,305)
  • CTR improved 55.48% due to more relevant ad targeting through granularity of ad groups (2.27% vs 1.46%)
  • Conversions increased 45% (29 vs 20)
  • Cost Per Conversion reduced 66% ($174.30 vs $512.28) NB. Google Grants in Dollars, not Sterling.
  • Conversion Rate increased 84.6% (0.60% vs 0.32%)

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