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SPANA Paid Search Integrated Campaign

In March 2013, SPANA invested in a new Facebook app (the SPANA vet’s backpack) to be placed on both their Facebook page and website. 4Ps Marketing was responsible for the design, creation, development, implementation and promotion of the app. The brief was to target key audiences through Facebook and display advertising to generate donations to SPANA.


• Generate donations to SPANA
• Increase awareness and educate users about the work SPANA does
• Fan acquisition

SPANA Paid Search Strategy

4Ps Marketing worked alongside SPANA to devise a creative and engaging way to meet the above objectives, and it was decided that an app would be the spine of the strategy. The concept was that of a vet’s backpack. Here, users could place various medical treatments into their own vet’s backpack to help the working animals of the world.

The premise was to create a unique, educational and engaging environment where users could donate. In terms of promoting the app, 4Ps Marketing used both Facebook advertising and display advertising.

Facebook Advertising
For the Facebook advertising, 4PsMarketing implemented both standard advertising and promoted posts to generate awareness of the app.

With the standard advertising, 4PsMarketing targeted the following interest categories:
• Users liking animal charities
• Animal lovers
• World locality interests – ( i.e. regions relevant to SPANA such as the Africa)

The promoted posts consisted of pictures and written content designed to entice people to visit the app. These posts were based on engagement, meaning that when users liked, shared, or commented the post was then shown to their friends, thus increasing the exposure and awareness of SPANA and the app.

Display Advertising
Alongside the Facebook advertising, display advertising was run on the Google Display Network. The audience targeting was similar to Facebook’s, with the overall aim of generating awareness of SPANA and driving users to the app.



• 4,918 items were placed in the backpack and donated to SPANA
• 1,069 overall purchases were made
• Activity achieved an average order value of £19.24


• Advertising activities saw 29,868 users visit the SPANA vet’s backpack
• The campaign achieved over 201 million impressions through paid advertising
• Facebook engagement of totalled 18,480 promoted post likes, 1,692 post comments, and 5,060 post shares
Fan Acquisition
• Facebook activity resulted in an extra 10,861 likes

“I’ve had nothing but consistently excellent work from 4Ps since the start of my most recent project, and I would recommend them to anybody looking for help optimising their site for search.”
– Chris Barnes, SPANA

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