I love it when companies, especially large companies, can extrapolate an event or story from popular culture and quickly spin it into a content-led marketing campaign (there’s more to life than infographics and white papers)! It’s a rare occurrence, and it often misses the mark, but when it’s done well it’s something to behold.

Today’s anecdote comes from the vision visionaries Specsavers, who have tapped into the aftermath of the human error calamity from Wednesday’s women’s Olympic football game between North Korea and Columbia, where the flag for SOUTH Korea was displayed prior to kick off and resulted in the North Korean team momentarily walking off the pitch. You don’t even need to have seen Team America to realise the severity of the tumultuous relationship between these two great Eastern nations. If you want to know, North Korea won 2-0, but I digress.

Specsavers have put together this great visual, which clearly distinguishes the two flags and boasts the strapline “should have gone to Specsavers” partly in Korean.

Specsavers Content Marketing

The advert is being featured in several national newspapers today (Friday 27th July) which will no doubt lead to a whole host of buzz and water-cooler ‘have you seens?’, but it’s important to realise that this and similar campaigns also translate very well to online disciplines too. Bloggers (myself included) will be posting and linking, social networkers will be liking, RTing and sharing (probably not +1ing though…) and, most importantly, existing and potential Specsavers’-customers will be exposed to the brand; hello retention, hello acquisition.

Another example of a distinguished, reactive-to-sport campaign is this offering from Kit Kat.

KitKat Content Marketing

This hyper-created campaign was put together as a result of 2010’s longest ever tennis match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut.

There’s two prevalent takeaways from this, relevant all the more so as the industry prepares to step away almost entirely from traditional link building strategies and steam roll towards content marketing – be reactive and be creative; harness the power of the zeitgeist.

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