4Ps Marketing

The Studios Islington Search Strategy


• To increase brand awareness for The Studios
• To install businesses in the empty office units
• To generate leads

The Studios Islington Search STRATEGY


The Studios hadn’t implemented any SEO onto their site before joining in a partnership with 4Ps. Therefore the initial steps were to complete the basic SEO techniques, such as carrying out keyword research, writing metadata and creating the H1 structure, in order to make the website more crawl-friendly and to increase their search-ability. After this, the focus was to then create relevant content for the blog so that the user has more to engage with and share socially.


It was important to establish relationships with those who would be interested in The Studios’ properties, through the use of engaging onsite content, research into property and business bloggers, and advocates online. The Studios has created content that is about their current tenants through a client marketing exercise to engage with them, and also to widen their awareness online.

Digital PR

4Ps has recommended that in order to use the content in the best way, and indeed to expand upon their audience is to collaborate through blogger outreach and digital PR. By hosting events with bloggers in mind, for example, The Studios will be able to have a ‘lifestyle’ and ‘London’ blogger focus alongside property bloggers. The purpose of this is to engage with and spread the digital word-of-mouth in order to grow awareness of the brand.


A PPC strategy was brought on board once their SEO was given a chance to build momentum. PPC can create immediate results, and following on from an initial 8 week campaign, the successful results have meant that they have decided to continue.


“We asked 4Ps to assist & provide online advertising for our brand. They broke everything down for me and were very helpful and informative. I am very pleased with the results that we have seen & will continue to use them.”

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