We all know Google works hard to try to provide users with the best search results on the ‘net. However, it’s not just the straightforward searches they help with – they also do their best to try to answer some of our more… unusual queries.

Over the years, as each new app or search facility is introduced, it’s become a favourite pastime of avid Googlers to try to find all the hidden Google Easter Eggs. Try searching for ‘Lionel Richie’, for instance, and their recent Knowledge Graph will ask you, ‘Hello, is it me you’re looking for?’

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

And the Google team have been at it again, with their new ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ calculator. Ever wondered how many degrees separate a certain actor from Kevin Bacon? Just enter ‘Bacon number’ followed by the name of any actor and the search engine will helpfully provide the answer for you.

The algorithm is resulting in hundreds of frustrated people, as they attempt to beat the computer and find someone with a Bacon Number higher than 6. I gave up after finding out that Rolf Harris and Chris Moyles have a bacon number of 3, Mark Zuckerberg and Helen Keller are at 4 and even the Queen only has a bacon number of 2.

Google Calculator

Some of their more popular applications are filled with unpredictable ways to assist. For those who use the calculator to work out those difficult mathematical queries, why not try using it to find out “the answer to life, the universe and everything”? And in case you’re really confused, it will let you know that “the number of horns on a unicorn” is only

Mapping the world

In Google Maps, searching for walking directions from Rivendell to Mordor will return the warning: “Use Caution – one does not simply walk into Mordor”, while looking for directions from China to Japan will include the instruction to ‘Jet Ski across the Pacific Ocean’.

Choose your language

Bored of reading things in English? The language settings are there to help you. As well as the typical languages like German, French and Spanish; you could also change the settings to Pig Latin, Klingon, Pirate or Elmer Fudd.

Knowledge Graph

As well as throwing in obscure references about Lionel Richie, searching for Chuck Norris will bring up the Knowledge Graph on the right of the SERPs. While all seems normal at first, the ‘Fact’ section changes every time the page is refreshed to provide users with reliable information on the actor. According to Google, Chuck Norris can not only cut through a knife with butter, he has also counted to infinity – twice…

Different searches

There are a number of different search terms the Google team has manipulated in order to show off their quirky side. Search for ‘anagram’ for instance, and it will return the suggestion ‘did you mean nag a ram’? You can also try ‘define anagram’ for the same sort of result, or ‘recursion’ for their in-joke that provides a recursive search of ‘recursion’.

View the web differently

In the same vein, ‘do a barrel roll’  will make the entire search results screen rotate 360 degrees, while ‘tilt’ or askew’ makes the page lean to the right a little. Maths nerds can search for ‘binary’, ‘hexadecimal’, or ‘octal’ to have the number of results that are found written in that code, or search ‘google Leet’ and ‘I’m feeling lucky’ to have all results written in the online language.

There are hundreds more hidden Easter Eggs across the different Google services, from Gmail to Google Earth, as well as their RSS Feed Reader. With a little bit of time (and randomly hitting keys) you’re bound to come across many more of them. Lastly, do a quick search for ‘zerg rush’, and try to stop your results from disappearing.

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