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We’re Excited – Universal Analytics Is Out Of Beta!

Last week, Google announced that Universal Analytics has been released from public beta. This launch perhaps was overshadowed by the fact that it has been in beta for a long time nevertheless this is incredibly exciting for digital marketers worldwide.

For those of you who don’t know, Universal Analytics is the next iteration of Google’s Analytics product (which is now referred to as Classic Analytics). The main driver is to shift analytics to be more user centric rather than session / visit centric.

Universal Analytics provides a number of excellent new features including:

This allows us as marketers to really think about measuring our users in a much cleverer and integrated way.

Universal Analytics has a new tracking library called analytics.js – this is different from classic and so means that a website will need to be re-tagged (i.e. all of the old javascript changed to the new code). Whilst this doesn’t sound all that exciting and indeed potentially a development headache it gives us a real opportunity to review our digital measurement.

Earlier this year, Google produced the excellent Analytics Academy in which Justin Cutroni spoke about Measurement Plans. Has your business got a Measurement Plan? If it has when was the last time this was reviewed? Is it still accurate? Are you getting value from your analytics and reports?

The release of Universal Analytics provides an excellent opportunity for business to take stock and review their digital (and potentially offline) measurement. By doing this and then migrating to UA business can really leverage new features and have a clear view as to how data is collected and therefore how to really mine it for insight. It also allows the actual implementation to be planned, you may for example choose to deploy Universal Analytics through Tag Manager.

Many B2B sites have conversions that happen offline – but in fact online is where the initial lead generation occurs.

We have been working on a number of projects to try and use Universal Analytics to be able to record these offline interactions by integrating with the offline CRM and using the Measurement Protocol to record appropriate interactions.

In the diagram above, we use a consistent Client Id to be able to track the user journey offline as well as online.

So, if you are as excited as me by Universal Analytics then also be excited by this opportunity to take a step back, plan your digital measurement and be excited with the new data and insights you can gain (and don’t be shy, contact 4Ps to discuss a measurement plan to help you get the most out of your analytics)!

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