Ever wondered how to improve your video rankings in search engine results? While the reasons why optimising YouTube videos is important, information on keyword research and the algorithm have been discussed in an earlier article on video optimisation for YouTube, this article will be highlighting some useful video SEO tips that could help boost your video rankings.

According to a panellist at an SMX Expo conference, clicks to videos have increased by 28% since search results are displayed while you are still typing; this is due to the recent Google Instant feature. Also, at one of the other conferences it was mentioned that users are 50% more likely to click on videos in search results compared to text-based results.

These video SEO tips are steps you could take to help videos to be more easily discovered but does not guarantee that it will go viral!

10 Video SEO Tips

1. Include a call to action at end of each video.

2. Post HD & wide screen videos. Some formatting guidelines and recommendations:

  • HD quality video with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • MP4 video file format with .H264 compression
  • MP3 or AAC audio compression
  • 30 frames per second
  • Videos should ideally be 2minutes long or less as viewership tends to drop off for longer videos

3. Using YouTube Suggest & Keyword Tool for keyword ideas.

4. Perform a search for the keywords decided on and check the competition you are up against. You can then customise and sort your results based on various search options that include relevance, upload date, categories, duration & much more

5. Place your most important keyword in your title, description and tags.

6. Check statistics for videos similar to yours. You can get information on the audience demographics and the age range for the video that it is most popular with by clicking on the button just right of the number of total views. Other information includes ratings, referral links & Honours for the video.

7. Add and edit captions for your video as search engines use them to help decide if the video is relevant to the query. YouTube automatically generates one but the results might not be accurate.

8. YouTube users tend to watch batches of videos per visit, so it might be a good idea relating the videos and are clearly linked to each other to encourage multiple viewing.

9. Use various social platforms to share your video as soon as it’s posted.

10. Develop a branded YouTube channel.

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