Search engine marketing is a never-ending learning curve with search engines changing the way they work and people finding creative new ways of driving traffic to a website daily, and with online communities now deeply seeded into our daily routines, it is important to consider an online community when figuring an SEM strategy.

Online communities can be reached in a number of ways through many platforms and mediums, but one that’s growing increasingly popular, particularly amongst the young is the viral video.

Viral is as it sounds, something that is spread naturally, in this case throughout online communities across the Internet. Viral advertising or marketing is one of the most effective of its kind. When a video turns viral, the benefits stretch way beyond the initial ‘free advertising’ perk; the actual advertising is of a better quality that traditional methods as people are passing on the video to friends because they like it, and when it is passed on it is immediately regarded with some worth as it has come from a friend.

To get the most traffic from a viral video, it needs to be popular from the offset. The video can be posted to a number of video sites (paid and unpaid depending on your budget), blogs and other online communities as well as your actual website, and can include links back to your site. A popular choice is to create a YouTube channel, which can be search engine optimised in similar ways to a website focusing on particular keywords.

A YouTube channel can be completely separate from the site itself, therefore creating new searchable content that will still link back to the website but can focus on different, but still relevant, keywords. An example of this type of strategy is UNIQLO’s Fashion UK YouTube channel, which targets keywords which are relevant to the individual videos and the brand, but not necessarily the core focus, so disregarded for other, more relevant keywords in the optimisation of the actual website.

This is just a small introduction for how an online community can be targeted through viral videos, for more information on how you can integrate something of this nature into your SEM strategy, get in touch.

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