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Waddlegoose Brand Relaunch

Waddlegoose is a fresh modern cyder from Aspall, which 4Ps helped to relaunch in March. The launch brought two flavours to market: a contemporary apple cyder and a fantastically fruity three berry cyder.

The Challenge

Although Aspall is a well-known and established brand, Waddlegoose was launching into the popular fruit cyder market with little brand recognition. 4Ps was challenged to increase brand awareness online and acquire new audiences who were excited about this new cyder brand.

The Solution

4Ps built awareness of Waddlegoose through paid advertising and digital PR. By reaching out to influencers as well as running our own campaigns on social media, we built Waddlegoose’s social media presence with a loyal and engaged digital community.

We worked with influencers interested in food and drink as well as general lifestyle topics, focusing mainly on the blogging community. These influencers became our core group of brand ambassadors for online activities. We amplified the digital reach of these individual influencers by also using content they created around the cyders, such as blog posts and photos, to further showcase the brand to our own social networks.

We also created a detailed social media plan using assets created by the Waddlegoose creative team to create a buzz around the product on various social media channels. This plan fell into three distinct phases to retain momentum throughout the campaign: #thegooseiscoming was our initial phase in the build up to launch, #thegooseishere created buzz around the launch itself, and #getgoosed maintained the drive following the launch.

Our campaign encompassed three social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our strategy across these channels was centred on a search-led approach. By focusing on relevant search terms and events which would boost visibility organically, we were able to maximise visibility across all digital channels. We supplemented this by creating a cohesive look and feel to our posts, with bright clean imagery that matched the stylised design of the product itself.

We also ran a competition across social media to encourage users to interact with the brand. We offered a prize that could be shared and asked those entering to let us know with whom they would want to share their prize. By doing this, we were able to increase participation and comments, as well as the organic reach of the competitions.

We strategically backed up our organic activities with paid promotion in order to increase exposure. In order to optimise the effectiveness of these campaigns, we carefully targeted users who were likely to be interested in the brand based on detailed persona information. This maximised reach and engagement.

The Results

Building up a social profile from scratch is a unique challenge and one we were excited to embrace. We built up a strong engaged community of users who took part in competitions as well as posting their photos and opinions on the products.

Our Facebook competition had a reach of 32.5K and received nearly 1000 entries in the 2 week running period. Overall we averaged nearly 200k impressions on Twitter each month throughout the campaign, and around 2,500 profile views. Following the launch project, searches for ‘Waddlegoose’ and brand awareness increased by 100%.

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