The relationship between PR and SEO is no secret affair. The whirlwind whispers it has stirred has whisked bloggers and online journalists into key, influential positions and placed them as integral figures in successful marketing strategies.

By this placement of bloggers as ambassadors and advocates of your product, the likelihood of an emotional connection between your brand and its demographic increases in a world where the ‘human element’ plays a vital role in the future of marketing.

Through careful negotiation, persuasive and unique content can be generated by creative collaboration and the nurturing of bespoke relationships that benefit brands, bloggers and, ultimately, their audiences.

However, it is not a tactic to be cynically exploited. For a long term, sustainable strategy this human element cannot be faked. Instead, it must be forged; real relationships must be made.

Not convinced, despite the storm that swirls around the topic? Still not sure where to start? Feel the fear and do it anyway with our quick six tips on how to win bloggers and influence people. That should be enough to get you started and if you’re looking for the finer details, be sure to stay tuned for our bi-weekly series, delving into each point in more delicious depth.

1. Into Me See

At the very core of every brand, your identity sets you apart from the rest. This is why it is important to cultivate and remember your unique purpose and never, ever forget it.
While your core objective as an online business might very well be to drive conversion rates and revenue, your offsite voice has the pleasure of being able to converse with its consumers.

You could and should own the conversation- after all, it’s about you. So who are you and what exactly is it that you want to say.

2. Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret

While we’re talking about talking, who are you talking to? With the use of clever tools like Brandwatch, you can quickly identify where conversations are starting and what it is they’re saying about you.

What’s more, you can further define exactly who your demographic is and pull out your key influencers, such as bloggers, brand enthusiasts and online journalists.

It’s good to talk but better to talk to the right people.

3. How to master the art of strategy

Ok. Let’s rewind. You can’t just jump headfirst into these things. Yes, you have to get out there and talk to your audience. Yes, the right bloggers are pretty influential but you’ve got to define how you’re going to do it and what’s more, how you’re going to integrate it with everything else that you do. You need to think about how you’ll create a watertight roof for everything underneath.

How you ought to do it is to think attraction, not promotion. Everyone’s wary of a salesman. Brand loyalty comes from genuine engagement. No one ever liked the guy shouting ‘Look at me! Look at me!’

How and why you ought to integrate it however, is for a profitable conclusion. Quantifying revenue directly from engagement is like trying to fly. Talking to people for no reason is fun but pointless. If you tailor your conversation to your seasonal trends or high priority targets and it complements all other activity on your site and within your company, you stand a much better chance of seeing where those results are and putting them into a comprehensive graph for the big boys.

4. Brands are from Mars, Bloggers are from Venus

It seems to me that blogger has become a somewhat dirty word in a muddy digital world.

Being fortunate enough to see both sides of the coin as a blogger and a digital content strategist, it’s as easy as always remembering two little words that we love here at 4PS Marketing:


And I’m not necessarily talking money. I’m talking about a two-way street where you both stand to gain something that is worthwhile, something that is of value to you both. You’ve just got to figure out between you what that is.

I’m ok. You’re ok.

5. Less is more

If you send ten new lipsticks to ten bloggers, chances are you’re going to end up with ten straight-up reviews of lipsticks.

Why not do a little homework and send three lipsticks to three bloggers and invest the rest of your time managing the project? Use that time to work closely together and create interesting pieces that are relevant to you, to the blogger and to the person that is most forgotten amongst these negotiations: the audience?

A fashion photography blogger who happens to love the autumn season could do a style-shoot in the forest (cleverly matching said lippy to the glorious shades of decay) and another who works as a make-up artist could create a tutorial on how to make that lipstick last. Oh and you know that geek blogger who loves superheroes? She could save the world from invading zombies wearing Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow.

How much more interesting and varied is that for a lipstick hungry demographic?


6. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Moving away from the focus of keywords, links and anchor-text, Google is likely to give more credit to in-depth and detailed content in the future, especially as search becomes conversational and the advanced use of semantics come into play.

This will dramatically affect the way we craft content.

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