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Tracking ROI with YouTube Insight

From advertisers to the online community, measurement is key when optimising your blog or website; this is true for YouTube ads/channels in particular. In the current economic climate the online community demands measurement because without this how else could we track ROI?

YouTube have their own version of analytics called Insight which lets users track their video performance in a similar way to Google Analytics. This is a free tool that allows anyone with a YouTube account to access information about who is watching their videos and which of their videos are performing well.

The ‘Hotspots ’ feature on YouTube Insight lets account holders find out which specific scenes from their videos are performing well. This gives a detailed view of the ‘hottest’ in-video moments including replays/skip-throughs and perhaps more importantly when people are switching off. This is a great feature that allows video creators to edit their contributions and really gain an insight into what is engaging their audience.

Speaking of audience…Insight lets you discover quite a lot about them. You can find out which age groups and genders watch your videos the most. You can scale this down even further and discover where your views coming from; either for particular videos or your whole account.

Finding out which of your posts are the most popular can be accessed quickly by using the ‘Community ’ feature which shows you which of your videos have received the most comments, ratings and favourites; this will also let you know which are failing to strike up a debate. Community statistics can also be broken down over channel/ video as well as by country. Whilst this feature will have no influence over the costs of advertising on these videos at present it can be used as another indicator of potential ROI.

With YouTube becoming increasing popular with advertisers as well as the online community Insight is a feature which is certain to become more popular and powerful over time. As Google Ads let you either submit videos as an advertisement or include your paid-for (PPC) advertisements in other YouTube videos within the Google Network this is certain to become an essential tool in an increasingly powerful market.

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