Billions of pieces of content are published online every day. Without a strong, creative, user-focused content strategy, your brand will get lost in the crowd. Develop that strategy with our content marketing specialists. We can help your brand find new and innovative ways to attract, engage and retain your audience.

It all starts with the strategy – we run workshops to learn about your target audience and their values, as well as the brand values and priorities you want to communicate. Combining that information with our keyword research, search trends and analytics data, we create a digital content strategy to drive your brand’s growth and achieve clearly defined objectives. Content and search go hand-in-hand, so everything we do ensures that your content strategy supports your SEO strategy and vice versa.

We strategize solutions for both production (SEO-optimised and digital friendly copywriting and creative campaign planning) and distribution (digital PR, influencer marketing, social media consulting and paid placements). We’ll ensure that your onsite content is SEO-optimised while maintaining brand voice, and increase your brand’s online reach by working with bloggers, online publications and other influencers in your industry to create quality offsite content.

Our content strategists integrate closely with all your other marketing channels, from SEO, PPC, social media and email marketing, to print and TV advertising and traditional PR. This ensures a consistent and highly visible brand message. We also take a data-lead approach to content at 4Ps, using analytics to understand how users are engaging with your current content and to identify opportunities for improvement, as well as to measure success.

Our content marketing experts benefit from the industry knowledge of our sector-based client services teams: retail, travel, food and drink, motoring, technology, professional services, property and sports.

Think your content marketing strategy could be working harder for your business?

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