Excellent PPC management goes beyond mathematics and number crunching. As pay per click becomes increasingly competitive, you need a creative, user-focused strategy to succeed. Our PPC management team can provide that. We cover the crucial basics, like account structure and bid optimisation, while enhancing performance with the latest developments and testing methodologies. We never aim to just meet targets; we aim to exceed them.

Working closely with our clients to understand their business objectives – traffic, growth, revenue, ROI – we develop targeted paid search strategies for Google, Bing and other relevant search engines. Continuous innovation, consistent attention and a data-driven approach allow us to maximise not only last click revenue, but also overall margin and customer lifetime value.

As Google Certified Partners, we keep updated on the latest advertising products, utilising everything from text ads to product listing feeds and every extension and format in between. We also have international and multilingual PPC experience, so we can help you launch into new markets worldwide.

We combine PPC knowledge with industry expertise through our sector-based client services teams: retail, travel, food and drink, motoring, technology, professional services, property and sports. This gives our clients a team of PPC specialists who are also experienced in and dedicated to their specific market.

Feel like it’s time your PPC advertising started working harder for your business?

Time to find out how.

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