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Argento Jewellery Content Marketing Christmas Campaign

After the creation of gift-specific landing pages and meta data improvements, onsite SEO work was not possible over the target time period. 4Ps concentrated on a bespoke digital PR campaign, built around bloggers and the theme of giving and sharing, with supporting content on the brand’s separate blog domain themed to a Christmas gifting message.

The aim was to raise domain authority, and thus improve offsite SEO factors, through development of relevant and high quality blogger backlinks. This also provided enhanced visibility while raising the brand’s profile, with key influencers in the form of high-following fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers in the UK.

This example is a particularly powerful one for the aspect of co-occurrence – the links back from bloggers were rarely on exact or partial-match keywords for jewellery-related terms, and rarely to the directly relevant category or landing page URLs. Most were on the brand’s main store name or raw URLs, linking to the homepage and individual product pages, showing the power of associated terms being present in proximity and association to brand-based links without requiring exact anchor text matching. This form of link development is Google Penguin-proof and far more user friendly than a more traditional guest blogging and anchor-text and landing page linking focused approach.


• Increase awareness of the brand in the UK to grow organic traffic
• Grow revenue over the critical Christmas period by driving additional organic sales

Argento SEO Campaign


Taken from analytics data for the Christmas and immediately post-Christmas retail period of October 1st 2013 to December 31st 2013, comparing to the same period in 2012.

SEO results due to growth in domain authority and awareness from back-link development:
• 46.8% more organic traffic to the website
• 60.4% more eCommerce transactions from organic search traffic

• 55% more revenue from organic search traffic

• 9% increase in organic traffic conversion rate due to increased query relevance

Additional brand awareness based growth:
• 178.2% more direct traffic
• 51.2% more direct traffic revenue
• 25.1% more referral traffic
• 90.7% increase in referral traffic revenue
• 22.9% increase in social network referrals
• 6.5% increase in conversions from social network visits

SEO results in the critical month of December alone, comparing to December 2012:
• 64.2% increase in organic search traffic
• 27.2% increase in eCommerce conversion rate
• 108.9% increase in transactions from organic search traffic
• 109.5% increase in revenue from organic search traffic

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