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The Children’s Society Reach Top Level For Google Grants

Google operates a scheme for charities and non-profits where $10,000 of free PPC advertising is provided every month, with bids capped at $2 maximum. The scheme is called Google Ad Grants, but is more commonly known as Google Grants. This generous provision allows organisations, regardless of their size, to reach a wide audience to publicise their work.

For a select few organisations that meet a range of criteria, Google operates a Grantspro scheme, where $40,000 PPC budget is provided for free. The criteria for being considered for Grantspro are:

The Third Sector team at 4Ps, led by Nick Shread, have been working hard to restructure the paid search campaigns for The Children’s Society. With limited time allocated, they have still been making notable progress each month with improvements to traffic via PPC, CTR from adverts and increased conversions.

Following a period of growth, The Children’s Society met all the criteria required for Grantspro level. 4Ps achieved an average CTR of 3.39% over the last year, much higher than the minimum requirement set by Google. In addition, a conversion rate of 2.8% over that same period ensured that an application could be made to Google.

Catherine Joyce, Digital Coordinator for The Children’s Society, quickly received a positive response from the Google Ad Grants team. 4Ps are now looking forward to exploring additional PPC campaign options for The Children’s Society, bringing them to the attention of a much wider audience.

We’re delighted to be receiving Grantspro. We couldn’t have done it without Nick and the team at 4Ps. Their guidance and support has really helped us to make the most of our Google Grants. We’re now looking forward to working with them to use Grantspro to reach more people and help us support more vulnerable children.

Does your charity make effective use of your Google Ad Grants budget? The Third Sector team at 4Ps can help with:

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