Content marketing has firmly established itself as the ‘buzz word’ of 2013, and is at the forefront of all digital marketers’ minds.  However, I, Jack Coy would argue that some overlook the array of different forms of content at their disposal, choosing to regurgitate generic forms of content instead, all at the expense of quality.

The most commonly known and used form of content is the blog, but this is just one type of content – there are numerous other formats that are overlooked/forgotten. For example you have the choice of images, case studies, games, apps, social, video, infographic, webinars, hangouts, the possibilities are endless!

However, certain types of content wouldn’t be applicable or practical for all organisations. As with anything, your audience always comes first. In defining your audience, you’re able to establish what types of content will work best, what will add value, what will engage people and, ultimately, what will transform those visitors into leads/conversions.

Red Bull

Although it is a somewhat unfair measuring stick, I think that Red Bull has achieved enlightenment in terms of content generation, and this was epitomised late last year with Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall. Seen all over the world, this compelling piece of content engaged millions, setting the ultimate bench mark. Content is the voice of your brand, and Red Bull have fully understood this, positioning itself as a young, thrill-seeking organisation.

Paddy Power and Ladbrokes

The Red Bull example is clearly high profile, but other brands have successfully implemented a content marketing strategy. A great example is Paddy Power; they have defined who their target audience is, what content works best, and what will attract most attention.

Yes, this may seem funny to some of us, but the principle is there. Paddy Power, through the use of Social Media and picture content, has connected at a much deeper level than traditional advertising can, by adding value to their consumers’ lives.

Paddy Power Social Content

Ladbrokes have adopted a similar strategy, and at the recent Ladbrokes World Darts Championship, they posted this:

Ladbrokes Social Content

Saucy! But again, the principle is there. They’ve cut through the fracas of noise, and engaged with their audience in a meaningful way! Just look at the retweets. This content has added value to the user experience, engaging them and creating response. This is fuel for nurturing conversions.

B2B Content Beyond A Blog

Generating content isn’t just limited to B2C; there is a variety of engaging content formats applicable to B2B businesses that add value. Whitepapers, webinars, slideshows, presentations and the classic infographic are to name but a few.  Digital, particularly social media, has the ability to bridge the gap between online and offline, which can be particularly beneficial when businesses host events or shows. Harnessed this to the advantage of GrowthAccelerator, utilising the unique and compelling content of the offline businesses events, and incorporating online via live tweeting. This content was adding value to the target audience in a meaningful way, creating response and engagement. The end product of this was increased web traffic, and nurtured leads.

In essence, is becoming its own discipline, with a greater focus, and greater planned spend. As this is the case, I would argue that we ought to think carefully about what we’re producing, not simply create content for the sake of it and at the expense of quality. Therefore, let’s get creative, let’s engage our audience, let’s add genuine value to our audience and let’s generate leads/conversions.

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