When it comes to link building there’s a lot to take into account. Power, link volumes in and out of target sites and pages, social influence, anchor text etc. all contribute to the potential of each link that you create. There are plenty of low quality link opportunities online that can deliver ranking increases by their sheer volume, however, it is the high quality, hard to reach links that are the difference between below the fold and above the fold rankings on page 1. Within this, creative link building has a lot of opportunities and if you get it right it can deliver results time and time again.

Creative Link Building Example

Using the Nintendo Santa post-it note art that we recently published as an example, here’s a brief rundown of some of the things to think about when developing a creative link building campaign and how it can be calibrated for better results.

First and foremost, you need to come up with a good creative delivery to have any hope of success online. Combining good old St Nick with 8-bit gaming for the collage gave us a lot of opportunities to put together a target list of sites to interact with online to increase the coverage of the creative and to build additional links. This relates to one of the most important points of creative link building, which is to select a target audience for your creative concept and to tailor your designs around that audience. This will ensure that more sites are happy to post about it, and it will make it easier to target sites, especially influential blogs, to write about your content. Links for our Nintendo Santa are still coming in, and we anticipate that this will continue to happen right the way into New Year as the viral nature of it grows. This came about as a direct result of putting together a target list of sites exactly suited to the content that we created.

This is something that shouldn’t just be tied in to website activity; it’s something that should cross over seamlessly into social contacts too, as well as through your social media channels. The Nintendo Santa post, for example, was retweeted by both @amymaeelliott, features writer for Mashable, and Post-It themselves.

In addition to creating good content and delivering that to an influential target audience through direct targeting, there’s also a lot of opportunities to feed creative link development into press release activity both online and offline. Our Post-It note picture, for example, picked up on a good amount of links as a result of the press release that we distributed to accompany it.

The final point is that there are also a lot of low lying, easy links that can be generated from creative content and link bait too. Images like the one on our blog post for Nintendo Santa can easily be added to image hubs like Flickr and this is a concept that is replicated for many types of media, whether it’s an infographic, app, video or game that is at the heart of your creative concept. A good network on sites like Stumble Upon can also make it easier to push your content even further.

We will also be making the development of our post-it note picture into a video for distribution on You Tube and other video hubs, which will help to keep the momentum of the creative going over Christmas. Thanks to all of the efforts around this creative content, the blog post page for Nintendo Santa has achieved the highest page traffic for the 4Ps Marketing over the last week other than the home page.

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