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Custom Pixel Implementation For Facebook Dynamic Ads

Discover the World are a specialist holiday operator, offering a range of tailor made holidays to a number of selected destinations around the world.

The Problem

Due to the nature of the bespoke holidays that Discover the World offer they have a large number of products on their website, categorised by destination, holiday type, or specific experiences. This made remarketing individual holidays difficult via traditional methods, and so a more advanced strategy was needed. Given that Facebook was already a high performing channel for them, Discover the World approached 4Ps to help with implementing Dynamic Ads as part of an ongoing analytics service.


The Solution

What is needed to run Facebook dynamic ads?

Dynamic Ads on Facebook are an advanced remarketing solution that allow for highly relevant and timely ads which are based on the products users engage with on a website or in an app. By automatically adding and removing site users to remarketing audiences, and linking these to a product catalog, Facebook can generate ads for individual users based on which products they saw and information in the catalog.

This sort of remarketing is possible with a traditional method based on checking pages that users have visited, however for sites with a large offering of products the time investment required to manually create all these campaigns is just not feasible. In addition, using an automated process handles new or discontinued products more efficiently, as adding or removing a product from the catalog will propagate the changes throughout the system.

In order to run Dynamic Ads, three things need to be set up: a product catalog, a customised tracking pixel and an ad template. The product catalog is similar to the product feed required by Google to run shopping campaigns. This is how the information about the range of products offered is sent to Facebook, including an image, a description, a price and the name of the product.

The next step is to customise the default Facebook tracking pixel so that it sends the custom events required to link users to the products they view and therefore automatically create the audiences needed for remarketing. Since we had recently completed an analytics project for Discover the World that included implementation of a data layer, we were able to use this and speed this process up.

Finally, an ad template is created as a part of campaign creation in the online Facebook Ads interface. This template defines how the automatically generated ads should look and which fields from the product catalog should be included. Dynamic ads appear similarly to standard image ads in the news feed, and can be in either carousel or single image formats.


With assistance from 4Ps in the strategy and technical set up required to run Dynamic Ads, Discover the World are now able to effectively remarket their extensive range of products with a minimal time required to update and maintain campaigns.

“I can say hand on heart you’re the only agency we’ve worked with who have walked the walk, as well as talked the talk!” – Renée Shorter, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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