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Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Digital Marketing

Last week, I was asked by our Marketing Manager Rachel Kneen to take the stage at Marketing Week Live and discuss my thoughts on Digital Marketing. I decided to interview 15+ marketers who I respect, and I asked them all the same question:

In one sentence tell me what has been Good, Bad and Ugly about Digital Marketing in the last year?

Here are my top answers from each section:

The Ugly:

“The Content Bandwagon”. People jumping on the bandwagon and producing content without any marketing plan or strategy behind it.

My presentations are very visual so if this attachment doesn’t make full sense then drop me a line and I can run you through it.

The Bad:

“Budget Bias”. Brands getting stuck in a channel silo and not looking at the full customer journey.

The Good:

“Google Penguin”. Believe it or not, Penguin has been a brilliant step forward. It has moved SEO firmly towards marketing and made it less reliant on techies. Good technical SEO is still important, but it is not about tricking a search engine.

My final thoughts:

It has been a brilliant 12 months, and I am very excited about the next 12 months. We all work in an amazing industry, and I look forward to being inspired by my peers every single day. If we haven’t met before or we haven’t seen each other for a while, let’s get a date in the diary.

The good the bad the ugly of digital marketing from 4Ps Marketing

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