How to use interviews to drive traffic to your blog

There are many interesting people out there to interview depending on the topic of your blog.It is recommended to look for interviewees in the industry with interesting stories to tell or with a high amount of recent media coverage. Also check to see the amount of followers they have on their social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Digg as these are critical in generating back links to your blog.
The most important thing your company can provide for your followers is value. You must understand what topics your followers are interested in, and interview people who are of significant importance in that area.

Who to interview to drive traffic to your blog

A – Listers: The great thing about interviewing A – listers is that they are guaranteed to already have a large following who are interested in what they have to say. They are likely to share the interview content with others who may also be interested in following them. If they promote your interview then this will drive a substantial amount of traffic to your blog. Celebrity chefs are a good example of A-Listers that have a large following with many people RT (re-Tweeting) recipes and sharing information via social media.

Corporate Blog: Another route to drive traffic to your blog is to develop an advice or news blog to get other bloggers linking back to you. Bloggers may ask someone in your organisation for an interview which may generate new links. You should also consider newsletters, press releases and articles to generate awareness and entice other bloggers to interview you. You could include how – to guides, FAQ’s and instructions in your interviews to solve the problems your users may have.

Audio or Video content: Using audio or video content in the creation of your blog is also considered more attractive to your followers as they are able to engage further with the interviewee and see or hear the comments and thoughts directly from the source. This form of blog post is also difficult to replicate compared to Email conducted interviews which are all over the internet and are not considered as interesting as they are not as time consuming to produce.

The interviewee could also be thought of as a prospective client. Your organisation could use the interview as a leap board for a successful relationship with the client as you are showing great interest in their thoughts and opinions.
When posting your content you must ensure that it is presented in a search friendly way using a good SEO strategy. Relevant and popular title tags, headers and URLs are used to attract search traffic of those searching for the name of the interviewee.

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