Why use Foursquare for Business

Foursquare is not only useful in building connections between a business and the public, it’s also a good tool for rewarding loyal customers, encouraging them to spread the word about your business and/or brand. Although most of us have heard of Foursquare being used socially we may not be aware of how to use foursquare for business.Foursquare can help your business gain an understanding of your consumer’s habits and trends. You will be able to see where your customers have checked in to previously to understand what things they like. This will enable you to target your consumers in a more personalised way. You could even partner up with other frequently checked in places that your customers visit to offer joint offers and discounts.

Companies are beginning to run marketing campaigns through Foursquare and other social media sites as they are considered to be a cost-effective way to reach businesses and consumers at a deeper level.

Who uses Foursquare for Business

Foursquare identify two types of brands that use the application:Brands with physical locations, like Starbucks, Sports Authority or the Museum of Modern Art. The foursquare Merchant Platform offers easy tools for engaging your customers.

Brands that are not tied to a specific physical location, like consumer packaged goods, TV channel, university, manufacturer, or an upcoming movie release. We have worked with hundreds of brand partners to reach millions of users on foursquare, including Bravo TV, Havaianas, Microsoft Windows Live, the History Channel, Syracuse University and NASA. For these types of partners, foursquare provides two main marketing tools – Pages and Custom Badges – that help lead your consumers and fans to do interesting things in their neighbourhoods and communities. The instructions below outline how to get started promoting your business.

1. Add Your Business

This can be done by clicking “add this place” and filling out the basic form information. If you’ve already been added check that all the information is correct.

2. Link Other Social Media

If you already have a twitter, gmail or facebook account for your organisation foursquare enable you to add your current friends and followers. As foursquare is still a relatively new app your organisation may find that you may not have many followers. Don’t be disheartened as this will grow over time.

3. Use Your Staff To Help Awareness

Entice your staff to join foursquare and get them to check in whenever they are at work. This will spread the brand name to their friends and followers. Also check in to other locations as followers may be more willing to interact with your brand if you promote others. Remember to add daily “shouts” to let those around you know what’s currently going on as well as “tips” for any promotional activities.

“Tips” example:

@ Daioh Sushi: Roll in between 7-11PM and choose between a grip of martinis, seven tequila shot, ten sake shots, or three beers for $10.

4. Reward Check-Ins

Reward those who checked in with direct offers such as 10% of their next order if you’re operating a restaurant chain or take-away. This will entice the customer to return and share information of the business or brand with others.

5. Hold Events

Hold a Foursquare flashmob or event at your location to encourage a mass check-in opportunity and grow your brand awareness.

6. Listen To Feedback

Listen to what your customers have to say about their experiences. Foursquare enables people to give feedback which your business can use to make any suggested improvements.

Finally make sure your company website is included throughout all the social media accounts for consumers to find further information on any offers or incentives you may have. To be known as a social media savvy company you must be able to integrate all the social media tools together. Attract customers to Foursquare through Twitter and Facebook by offering incentives available to those who use the Foursquare application. Although you must be careful not to alienate those who do not have smart phones as you may risk losing current brand loyals who do not possess this technology.

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