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The Financial Year Impact On Digital Marketing

As the end of the financial year looms over Britain, many businesses are assessing not only their finances but also their digital marketing performance during previous 12 months. As budgets are being devised for the new financial year, marketing managers will need to see proven results from their strategy and activity.

Many businesses have a tendency to become more aggressive leading up to April, in order to ensure that they meet or even exceed company targets. This often has a substantial impact on the communication strategy and in March, the team at 4Ps analyse the impact that it has on digital marketing tactics. Through this analysis, we are able to identify the most effective ways to plan your digital activity over the next 12 months.

Planning Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A basic, but vital starting point of any digital marketing strategy is planning and research. Thoroughly researching your own business trends allows you to push campaigns at the right time in the right place. For instance, many businesses will run their campaigns to coincide with 9am-5pm hours, focusing only on working days.  However, research shows that 52% of decision makers are receptive to business information around the clock. This can be summarised by the proposition that work is no longer a place: It’s a state of mind.

This extends further though; looking into the seasonality of your industry can provide key markers for a digital marketing strategy and indications as to when a more aggressive approach is necessary. Many companies recognise that the start of the financial year is the time when budgets are redrawn and often when new products get the go ahead, so the months prior can be a very lucrative time. This is why it is essential to ensure that marketing resource is planned in accordance with these trends. Another example of this is the education sector. At 4Ps, we have several higher education establishments that see peaks during the application process around exams and deadlines for submission, then a large spike during clearing. Allocating funds and time at the beginning of the financial year means that the maximum benefit can be gained from these seasonal opportunities.

Recognising quieter periods is also just as important from a digital marketing perspective. Any major changes to your online strategy, including website launches, redesigns and content overhauls, are best implemented during quieter periods to minimise any unexpected disruptions that may occur.

It is vital to recognise the importance of these factors.  Each strategy that we devise is tailored to the individual client, taking into account the unique factors from their industry.

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